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Bag Them All


Perfectly proportioned, essential and generously sized to keep all our nitty-gritties safe and handy. Bags & Baskets come in various sizes; totes, sling-bags, weekend bags, back-packs, clutches, duffle bags, picnic baskets, magazine holders, wallets, purses, pouches and the list goes on. Each one of these bags or baskets play an important role in our lives.

BAGS: Your everyday essentials!

Ladies love their bags and we’ve got the perfect collection to take that step towards eco-friendly fashion. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Northeast, each stitch tells a story of its own.

The Clutch Bag

Surprisingly capacious and handy, the clutch bag is something to carry with your evening ensemble. Intricately designed, it will hold you cell-phone, bills, keys and cards with utmost ease.

bag-img6 (1)

Essential Evening Handmade Clutch

This cane clutch is handcrafted by skilled artisans from Mizoram. Eco-friendly by nature, it is naturally the best pick to show against your evening gown.

The Beach Bag

Store your beach towel and other beach favorites in a gorgeous beach bag. We all know that a beach look is incomplete without one. Generously sized, they are an ideal beach go-to.

bag-img3 (1)

Water Reed Handcrafted Bag

We love this boat shaped water reed bag! Carefully woven by skilled artisans, it is an eco-friendly number that will fit-in with your collection.

The Shoulder Bag

If there was that one bag you can trust with all your belongings and run out with, it would be a shoulder bag that simply goes. Fuss-free and generous, it will keep your girly secrets safe.

bag-img1 (1)

Handwoven Shoulder Bag

Zesty and full of life, this handwoven bag boats of traditional Naga patterns and long handles that sit easily on your shoulder.

The Potli Pouch

Playful and ethnic, the potli pouch is a small wristlet with enough place for your cards, cell-phone & lip-gloss. Carry it with your ethnic wear or experiment with a fusion look.

bag-img4 (1)

Pretty Handmade Potli Pouch

Decorated with traditional Mizo weaves, this handwoven potli pouch, in black, shows off the beauty of Northeast. Pull the strings together to keep your stuff safe.

The Utility Bag

Whether your packing for your weekend getaway or taking off for a well deserved break, we all need our favourite travel companion- The utility bag.

bag-img5 (1)

Nitty-Gritty Handmade Utility Pouch

This lovely, handwoven utility bag is all you need to store your lip-gloss, mascara, lotion, eye-shadow and other make-up essentials. Handcrafted with painstaking care, it features floral patterns for an ultra feminine finish.

The Sling Bag

Easy to carry for a hands-free day! Sling it around your shoulder or go cross-body with a versatile sling-bag. Easy-breezy and carefree, they are the perfect pick for your day to dark look.

bag-img2 (1)

Versatile Handmade Unisex Sling-Bag

Expertly tailored by hand, this tribal motif sling is a lovely addition to your collection. Adjust the straps to your comfort and you’re good to go.

Classy, elegant and just gorgeous! Our collection of bags are eco-friendly and handwoven. Take a look @

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