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The Art For The Floor

Sikkim has an enticing charm that attracts the people . This Northeastern state is well known for its bright and vibrant beauty. Sikkimese are born aesthetics- they have a knack for art and craft. Hence, Sikkim is famous for its high quality handicrafts.

Woolen carpets from Sikkim are renowned allover the world. It is the elderly form of carpet careen in the world. Sikkimese carpets are handwoven and hand knotted in fixed vertical looms which are kept standing against the wall. The art of weaving and knotting a carpet requires huge amounts of concentration and patience. The Bhutia community of women in Sikkim is well known for being expert weavers.

These carpets are made with plush woolen threads which are dyed not with synthetic dyes but with natural Sikkimese vegetable dyes. The time taken in finishing one carpet depends on the size of the carpet, the design, and the ability of the weaver. The Government of Sikkim is also taking initiatives to keep the art and craft of the state alive.

Carpet designs are mostly culturally significant and are traditional Sikkimese motifs and unique designs in combinations of rich colours. One of the patterns on the carpets is The Tanka. The Tanka is a holy symbol in Buddhism and signifies peace for the soul of mankind. A  lot of Tankas also depict the wheel of life. Bringing home carpets with Tanka symbol symbolizes homecoming of eternal peace and harmony among family members, friends and relatives.

Another such traditional pattern is that of Snow Lion. Snow Lion is a mythical animal that resides in Eastern Himalayas. Snow Lion is fierce and fiery with its gorgeous turquoise hued mane.  The Snow Lion has a youthful, vibrant energy and a natural sense of delight. The Snow Lion is considered an important cultural symbol for the state of Sikkim and is elaborately depicted in the famous Snow Lion Dance, locally known as Singhi Chham. 

Rhododendron is one of the most renowned plant species of Sikkim. It is both economically as well medicinally very important. It stands as the state symbol of Sikkim. During April and May, these flowers enjoy full bloom. Barsey, a village in West Sikkim celebrates their annual festival every year to commemorate the spring season of the Rhododendron. Carpets with these patterns are a huge success and sell like hot cakes.

These handsome carpets are a source of tactile pleasure too. The details in the weaving are embossed and indeed feel satisfying when touched.

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