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The Soapy Story

Soap is one of the most often used products in our lives. It can be easily called an essential item in any household. You can see soap in all kinds of varieties. And all of those varieties serve different but the same purpose – soap is there to clean. Doesn’t matter what it is – your hands, your body, your dishes, your car. We think of all those cleaning agents that help us remove dirt as basically soap.

True soaps are made using a process called saponification. It includes reacting a fat or oil with an alkali. In any commercially available soap bar, the label reads sodium salts of various oils or fats. It also has petroleum derivatives.

A commercial drugstore soap is manufactured by hot process. Tallow is an inexpensive animal fat. It is boiled and mixed with lye and water. It forms soap and glycerine. This glycerine is removed for use in cosmetics. Various preservatives, chelating agents, chemical fragrances, colours are added. These are mostly detergent additives. The soap is then dried and crushed. It is then mixed with synthetic lubricants. After this, it is pressed into its final shape and packaged.

Have you noticed lately how many commercials are on TV about soap that won’t dry your skin? And how they add lotions and cream to soap to keep your skin moist. Doesn’t it sound like their own admission that soap dries your skin? They don’t tell you that in modern soap making glycerin that acts as moisturizer in soap is removed from soap and sold separately to be included in more expensive beauty products to increase profits. Where as Natural handmade soap bars keep all the good stuff including glycerin and non-saponified oils to moisturize your skin naturally. There are also no other harsh chemicals or chemical preservatives added to create colors, smell and longevity. You wouldn’t find such things as parabens (linked to Breast cancer), sodium lauryl sulfate (skin irritant) in natural soap. But you would find them in almost all soap bars commercially produced.

With these facts, it’s not surprising that people who make the switch from commercial to natural soap almost immediately say they notice a difference in their skin and overall health. By avoiding synthetic ingredients like perfumes and chemicals with natural soap, you are able to boost your overall health and drastically improve your well being.

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