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Is It a Flower or a Bag??

Water hyacinth is a free-floating perennial plant that can grow to a height of 3 feet. The dark green leave blades are circular to elliptical in shape attached to a spongy, inflated petiole. Underneath the water is a thick, heavily branched, dark fibrous root system.

Why should you buy water Hyacinth products? Because water hyacinth, an irritable weed, is transforming life for Northeast’s rural artisans after they started using it to create objects of desire.

The North-East Development Finance Corporation Limited (NEDFI) and North Eastern Council (NEC) under the ministry of Department of Northeastern Region (DoNER) have successfully trained many rural artisans on the use of dried water hyacinth by a system of interlacing through which elegant artefacts and accessories of great aesthetic appeal can be created.

In Assam particularly there are clusters of villages in districts like Darrang, Nalbari, Dhubri, Goalpara where people have now created raw material banks for dried stems to use when needed. Various artisans, who battled extreme poverty until 2008, are now established, entrepreneurs.

What does water hyacinth have to offer?

A chic bag:

This bag is not only eco-friendly but also trendy and classy. Carry this bag to your next brunch and up your fashion game. This bag is ideal for your vacation as well as a trip to the supermarket.


An eco-friendly yoga mat

This eco-friendly yoga mat is made of dried water hyacinth. It is woven on the edges to keep the weaving in place. This yoga mat is deftly hand woven by expert artisans. This yoga mat is easily foldable and comes with a case which makes it easy to carry.



A classy magazine holder

This water hyacinth magazine holder is just what your house needs. It is orthodox yet trendy at the same time. A perfect piece to give an earthy finish to your living room. It is carefully woven with precision by expert artisans.


For a lot of other products like – a sitting mat, bottle holder, tablet cover, a clutch etc., visit

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