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Instant Healthy Food: Yay! Junk Food: Nay

Our grandparents and parents must have never imagined that home cooked food will ever be a luxury. Nowadays people are so busy and chronically rushing to get to work, so they grab something on the way in or eat a quick-to-prepare breakfast (cereal and milk, fruit, toast; however I could not call those things cooking).

Carrying a home cooked dabba to work is no longer a common concept. Mostly because no one has time to cook. People often eat out and tend to consume a lot of junk instead of healthy options. One of the reasons for this can be the lack of healthy options available to them.

We have a wide range of instant and ready-to-eat meals, which are perfect for people who don’t want to invest time in cooking, yet want the taste of home.

  • Instant Dosa

These instant dosa mixes are just what you need for that healthy and wholesome breakfast. These dosa mixes are made from healthy grains like ragi and millets and also multigrain. Dosas have never been this easy and quick.


  • Instant Curry

Now that home cooked dal is not only a part of your memories but also your plate. Dals and curries just how your mom makes. Because who doesn’t like a bowl full of scrumptious, piping hot homestyle curry. Gravy options range from dal to chole and a variety of other curries.


  • Instant Comfort Food

After working for 12 hours in the office, all one needs is some comfort food. Giskaa offers a variety of ready to eat comfort food. All you need to do is warm up the contents and enjoy these hearty and delectable food items. Ranging from moongdal khichdi to pav bhaji and upma.


  • Instant Sweet Indulgence

Satiate your sweet craving with this ready to eat Sheera (halwa). For all the people who have a sweet tooth but don’t have time to cook. It is easy to make, quick, tasty as well as healthy.



After a tiring day at work, all we need is a mouth watering meal that not only satisfies your hunger and taste buds but also provides you the comfort of home.

Buy these delicious instant food items @


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