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Oh! Highway

Motorcycle enthusiasts and travellers all over the country take long distance motorcycle trips mostly to get a feeling of thrill and adventure through them. It is about overcoming fears and defeating in the battle of roads. Travelling is a therapy that brings power and love back to your life. Travelling is an investment and adventure and experience are the ROI (Return on Investment).

Recently, actress Kalki Koechlin travelled 4,000 kilometres along with her father. She embarked on this epic journey on a bike across the most breathtaking destinations in the Northeast. Her road trip with her dad is giving major travel goals to people all over the country.

I am a vagabond at heart and always on the lookout for new voyages. But before you set out on a journey there are certain essentials that you need to carry along because highways can be pretty uncertain. A few of such essentials are listed below:

  • Ready to eat Meals

Perhaps the handiest and most convenient way to have delicious, homely food when you are in the middle of nowhere is to have ready to eat meals. Our ready to eat meals are wholesome, tasty and will certainly satiate your hunger when you are on the highway.

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  • Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are an essential portion of a healthy and balanced diet. A handful of dry fruits can satiate your hunger and give you energy while you are on the highway. This is the perfect way to stay healthy while travelling.

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  • Bath Essentials

One personal benefit of good hygiene is better health. You certainly wouldn’t want to fall sick while you are travelling. So make sure that you carry an adequate supply of bath essentials like – body wash, moisturiser, soap etc. A pack of bath salts would be nice too, because BATH SALTS! After a tiring day of riding your motorcycle, a soak in a tub with relaxing bath salts would be euphoria.

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  • Health Supplements

A stock of herbal or organic health supplements should always in your bag when you are riding on the highway. Uncertain weather conditions and exertion can take a toll on your health. These supplements have nutritional and therapeutic properties.

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So buy all the essentials, pack your bags and you are all set to hit the highway. Set the traveller in you free because at the end of the day it’s all about making memories and gathering experiences.

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